Frequently asked questions

Here you will find answers to the questions we are most frequently asked. If you don’t find what you’re looking for here, don’t hesitate to contact us!

For anything related to a private event (wedding and others) please write to: 


When are we opened?

Our opening hours vary depending on the season; please consult our contact page for more information.

What is there to do?

We offer various activities throughout the year. In March and April, we offer a gastronomic Caban-à-sucre style brunch menu. From May to October, we offer our picnics and wood oven pizza. In November and December brunches are offered. Our boutique is open for tastings and sales from May to December.

Where are you located?

Our vineyard and winery are located at 2007 chemin Principal in St-Joseph-du-Lac, Québec. If you are coming to visit, feel free to use the Directions page on our website to help navigate to the vineyard

How long have you been open?

Founded in 1993 and formerly named La Roche des Brises, our estate was transformed in 2017 to become La Bullerie. In the wake of several renovations, La Bullerie finally opened its doors in the fall of 2017.

How many vines do you have?

We have 34,000 vines that are cultivated on 3 sections of our estate. Guests are welcomed to walk and explore the vines in 2 of the sections.

What type of grapes do we grow?

We grow 5 different varieties: two whites – Vidal Cliche and a Frontenac Gris and three reds – Ste Croix, Marechal Foch, and a Frontenac.

Do you offer guided wine tours?

Guests are welcomed to do a self-guided walkthrough of our estate and vines. Private guided wine tours are available upon requests, however certain conditions apply. A minimum of 20 guests is required. Please contact us at [email protected] for booking or more information.

Do you have parking on site?

Yes – upon entering the estate you will find our car park on your left-hand side. There is no parking fee.

Where can I buy your wine?

In addition to our boutique, our wines are available at a selection of retailers. For a detailed list please use the Point of Sales page on our website.

Do you use sulphites in your wine?

Yes – sulphites play a very important role in protecting wine from bacteria growth and oxidation. However, it can be overdone so we strive to keep our sulphite additions to a minimum.

Are children allowed at the winery?

Yes – children are allowed at the winery so long as they are monitored by an adult. Only guests 18 or older may participate in wine tasting or purchase alcoholic beverages.

Are dogs allowed at the winery?

Yes – friendly pets are allowed on our grounds on a leash but are not allowed indoors or on the terraces or center courtyard. Owners are responsible for cleaning up after their pets. All dogs must not be left unattended.

Can I hold an event at the Winery/Vineyard?

Yes – we love helping you bring your special day to fruition! We can host all kinds of events ranging from 50-130 people attending. Check out our event page for more information and to make an inquiry.

Can I do a photo session on property?

Photo sessions are offered for a fee. Any photo session must have advance written approval from the winery and a signed liability waiver on file. Please contact La Bullerie regarding potential photo sessions.

Do you allow smoking?

Yes – outdoors only. La Bullerie encourages a smoke-free environment and asks that you respect the health of your fellow guests and refrain from smoking in any area where it may affect someone else.

Can we bring drones to fly over your property?


Is Wi-fi available to the guests?

Yes – wi-fi is available indoors only.

I would like to work at La Bullerie. How can I go about this?

If you are interested in working with us, please send your CV to [email protected]

Who do I contact if I have other questions?

Please contact the winery via email: [email protected], or give us a call at 450-472-2722.


What are the hours of operation for the picnics?

Our picnics are available on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays from 11am to 3pm. We ask that you respect our closing time so as not to interfere with our weddings and other special events which usually start around this time. We stop serving baskets and pizza at 2pm. Thank you for your understanding!

What is in your picnic basket?

Our picnic boxes contain the following items: Local goat cheese, bread, cold cuts, olives, grapes, apples, pâté/terrine, mustard or jam, dried fruit, local dessert, apple bread and 750ml bottle of wine (either Aria, St-J or Rose).

What is the cost of the picnic basket?

Each picnic basket is $75.00 + applicable taxes.

How many people is the basket made for?

The baskets are portioned for 2 people.

Can additional food be added to the baskets?

No – additional food cannot be added to the basket. We do offer other items for purchase that can complement your picnic basket.

Do you offer a vegetarian option?

Yes – our vegetarian baskets include the following items:
Local goat cheese, 1 mini apple bread, home-made crostini, roasted and grilled vegetables, olives, grapes, apples, hummus spread, mini jam jar, dried fruits, a local dessert as well as a 750ml bottle of wine (either Aria, St-J, or Rose).

Do you offer a gluten-free option for my picnic basket?

Yes – gluten-free bread options are available for a $5.00 surcharge.

Do you offer baskets for kids?

Yes – we offer an individual portioned basket specifically for kids. The cost is $15.00. This basket includes the following items:
Grapes, cubed cheddar cheese, cubed cured ham, home-made Panzerotti (stuffed rolled pizza) with tomato sauce and mozzarella as well as a bottle of apple juice.

Do you offer a vegan option?

Our picnic boxes can be pre-ordered to accommodate most restrictions. Vegan picnic baskets can be prepared; please contact us in advance to reserve.

If I want to try an effervescent wine, can I replace the wine bottle?

Yes – for an extra $3.00 you can change your wine to either the Lavinia, Scarlett, or Tosca.

Am I able to make a substitutions or alternations to the basket?


If I don’t drink wine, can I remove the wine from the basket?


Do I need to make a reservation for a picnic?

No – reservations are not needed but recommended on weekends when the weather is beautiful. If making a reservation, it is very important to be timely.

Can we bring our own food and beverages to picnic on the estate?

No – outside food and beverages are not permitted on the estate.

What are the seating options?

You can sit at picnic tables, Adirondack chairs or lay out a blanket and make it a true picnic!

Do you have a picnic area?

Yes – there are designated picnics in sections of our estate. There are picnic tables located in the vines facing the vineyard, others in the marked wooded areas, and others near the lake area.

Can I come out early and reserve several tables if I have a large group coming?

Yes – we welcome large groups to the winery, and we have a limited supply of picnic tables available. You can arrive on our estate 30 minutes prior to the opening of our boutique and activity counter. If you want to reserve several tables, please be aware that we require one (1) person to occupy each picnic table in order to hold that table. We do not allow tables to be pushed together and held as one table. We kindly ask that our tables are not used for food or gift tables.

In the event of rain what happens?

Our picnic and pizza are outdoor activities and as such they can easily be interrupted by rain. Our activities are available rain or shine; picnic sections located in the woods provide some cover. Please note you will not be able to sit inside to eat our picnic.

If it rains what happens to my reservation?

Your reservation is cancelled. Although, we recommend you contact us so we can help you make a reservation on another date.

Can we bring pop up tents?

No – tents are not allowed on our premise. Please note that it deters the ambiance and look of La Bullerie. Umbrellas are available at picnic tables that are not located in wooded areas.

Can I bring my own chairs, ice chest and blankets for the picnic areas?

Blankets are allowed and welcomed to be used for picnicking on estate grounds. Personal chairs, tables and ice chest are strictly prohibited.

Do you offer food choices other than the picnics?

Yes – while we do not offer table service, we offer home-made pizzas in our wood-fired pizza oven and sell a selection of food items at our boutique and available at our ordering counter.

Is there a Gluten-Free option for pizza?

We do offer a Gluten-Free dough for our pizzas cooked in our wood-fired oven. You can place your pizza request directly at the ordering counter.

Do you have refrigerator space available so we can store something while we’re there?


Do you sell ice?

Yes – ice can be purchased.

We’re coming for a special celebration, are we allowed to bring balloons?

Yes – you are allowed to bring balloons. Please ensure that the balloons do not remain on the premise.

Can we bring footballs, baseballs, soccer balls, kites, lawn darts, and other various sporting goods to use while we’re at the winery?

No – For the safety of all our guests, we do not allow the use of sports equipment, lawn darts, frisbees, or kites at La Bullerie.

***Miscellaneous Information for outdoor activities***

No candles, crock pots, or any kind of electrical appliances may be brought in. We do not provide electricity for your use and forbid chaffing dishes or open flames of any kind. We are not able to provide refrigeration for anyone and will not be able to hold items for any group. No decorating of any area except tabletops. Attaching anything on or onto the vines is strictly prohibited. No confetti/glitter or shredded paper of any kind is permitted. Nothing is to be attached to any walls, windows, or overhead in any manner.

Tasting / Boutique

Where are wine tastings done?

Depending on the weather, tastings are either done in our boutique or at our pop-up boutique counter situated in the center courtyard.

How much do you charge for tastings?

Tastings are $18.00 dollars per person to sample 3 different products.

How much time does it take to do a wine tasting?

A wine tasting usually takes about 20 minutes.

Do I need a reservation for my group?

No – reservations are not needed but recommended especially for larger groups of 8 or more.
There is no need to make a reservation for your group however, for groups over 8 we do ask that you call ahead so that we can ensure we are appropriately staffed for your arrival.

Do you sell any alcohol other than wine?

No – only our wines, effervescent wines, and fortified products are available for purchase.

Do you offer wine discounts or rebates?

Promotions are sometimes available on a selection of products. Our boutique staff will be able to let you know of any ongoing promotions or rebates.

Do you offer non-alcoholic beverages?

Yes – we offer a selection of bottled waters, soft drinks, juices, coffees, teas, and specialty products as well.